Hi there! I am an incoming Ph.D. student majoring in BME@Yale University, medical image analysis track. I have obtained my Bachelor's degree in CS at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and I will get another Bachelor's degree in ECE at SJTU this August. Before that, I worked with Prof. Weiyao Lin at SJTU and Prof. Andrew Owens at the University of Michigan. I have also had an internship at HealthCare, AILab@Tencent on medical image analysis, supervised by Dr. Xiao Han and Mr. Sen Yang.

My interest includes general computer vision, medical image analysis, and audio-visual multi-modality learning. I am always enthusiastic about developing new deep learning methods to solve real-world needs. My favorite paper Auto-Encoding Variational Bayes helped builds my idea about the current deep learning and machine learning world. It was really elegant and impressive!

I grew up in Kunming, a beautiful and warm city in southwest China. I like food, cooking, and electronic music. Avicii's album "True" is the one that I can loop all day long.

I will continue working with Prof. Andrew Owens on our exciting conditional foley project this summer. Also happy to chat about possible collaboration opportunities in computer vision and medical image analysis!



As a young and learning student in medical image analysis, I have a serious passion for new deep learning methods and all kinds of toolkits for medical image analysis. Broader CS skills like web development, cyber security, and App development are also part of my interest!


C & C++

I'd love to hear from you! I'm open to collaborations, especially on medical image analysis projects. Interesting work opportunity? Happy to chat about it, too!

Please feel free to write to me for anything: yuexi.du@yale.edu. It might take me a day to get back, but rest assured, you'll hear from me.

My resume is available here: PDF.